Personal injuries at work cost Welsh police forces £280,000

Over the last 3 years, Welsh police forces have paid out £280,000 in personal injury compensation to employees after personal injury at work claims were made against them.

Would strict liability reduce motoring personal injury claims?

Norman Baker, the minister responsible for cyclists and pedestrians, says he has decided not to implement a change in the law that could have protected vulnerable road users.

Add medical negligence insurance to your household policy

Changes to the legal aid system, announced by Kenneth Clarke last November, come into effect next month. Legal aid for civil cases will only be available to people in instances where life or liberty is in jeopardy.

A personal injury trust could protect welfare benefit claims

People who are concerned that a personal injury compensation award will affect their right to means-tested welfare benefits may want to set up a Personal Injury Trust.

Pure luck averted a serious personal injury at work

Schlumberger Oilfield UK Plc has been fined £300,000 after the Health and Safety Executive found that workers were put at risk of suffering a personal injury at work whilst on a North Sea oil rig.

Unison helps man win £210,000 personal injury compensation

A Yorkshire man has received £210,000 in personal injury compensation after asking Unison to help him after he sustained a personal injury at work whilst he was in the employ of Rampton Secure Hospital.

Personal injury solicitor gladdened by discount rate review

One partner at a personal injury solicitor firm has recently gone on record by stating his delight that the Coalition government has agreed to a review of the discount rate used to calculate personal injury awards.