Solicitor wins libel charges based on website claim

A personal injury solicitor has recently won a libel lawsuit int he wake of untrue and malicious accusations regarding her were recently posted on an anti-solicitor website.

Cumbrian motorcyclist files for personal injury compensation

A motorcyclist who received injuries when he hit a pothole and was flung from his motorbike is filing a case for personal injury compensation against Cumbria County Council. The biker, Paul Quayle, sustained cracked ribs and a suspected broken collarbone in the accident.

Some of us are living in an alternative universe, says Young

Are we really becoming a nanny state? The Conservative party seems to think so and are drawing up plans to curb the excessive health and safety culture that is so prevalent in the UK at present.

Only 6% of us are aware of our personal injury rights

Local councils paid out £2.25m last year for personal injuries sustained in classrooms, playgrounds and sports fields, according to new figures released under the Freedom of Information Act.

Baby P clinic doctor files personal injury claim against NHS

Claiming that the NHS had forced her out of her job, a doctor who expressed her concerns in regards to the clinic Baby P was present at just days prior to his tragic death has filed a personal injury claim against her employer.