Sometimes it’s the personal injury lawyers who are to blame

It’s not something that’s easy to face or even to talk about, but sometimes the injured suffer because their personal injury lawyers are to blame for suffering.

Claimants victimised, but not by personal injury solicitors

Everyone always seems to think that personal injury lawyers prey upon the injured by convincing them to bring spurious claims, but often that’s not the case!

Poor maintenance and training driving injury claims up

The Government is always quick to blame ambulance chasing personal injury solicitors on raising claims figures, but it’s not always that cut and dry.

‘Compensation culture’ row set to start up once more

The bogeyman of ‘compensation culture’ has raised its nasty head once more, putting personal injury lawyers in the crosshairs yet again.

Injury lawyers will take your case – even if it’s silly

Now I’m not about to come out and say that someone’s personal injury compensation claim is silly or spurious, but sometimes I wonder about these claimants.

94pc of legal professionals say access to justice to suffer

Next year is bound to bring a reduction in access to justice, causing many in need of injury compensation to suffer, a majority of legal professionals say.

Children’s book creator prevails on medical negligence case

One children’s book creator has prevailed on he recent medical negligence case, winning a personal injury compensation award of £250,000 for a laser eye surgery that went terribly wrong, leaving her with permanently blurred vision.