Cardiff pavements cause 1,038 personal injuries in 4 years

Cracks in the pavements of Cardiff have cost the local council almost £1.3m in personal injury compensation over the last four years. During that period, defective pavements have brought about 1,038 personal injury claims.

Personal injury solicitors report scheme abuse by insurers

Personal injury solicitors have begun to report that the newly introduced road traffic accident claim scheme is being abused by insurers.

Accident solicitors rake in 10% of motor insurance premiums

Personal injury claims are hiking up the cost of motor insurance, the Association of British Insurers informs us.

Medical negligence solicitors’ costs spiral out of control

The costs of settling medical negligence cases have spiralled out of control in the last 30 years. This year, the MDU has paid out an average £44,500 in claimants’ costs, on behalf of doctor members, compared to just £1,300 in 1981.

PICAS shortlisted for technology innovation award

PICAS, the Personal Injury Claims Assessment Service run by the ISO, has been shortlisted by the BCS UK IT Industry Awards 2010 in the Consumer IT Innovation of the Year category.

Hospital ordered to pay personal injury compensation

The courts recently announced that Addenbrooke’s hospital is to pay personal injury compensation to the tune of approximately £2 million to a former patient.

Test language skills to prevent medical negligence claims

The UK’s General Medical Council is calling for new powers that will let them test both the clinical competence and the language skills of European doctors who want to practice in this country.

Personal injury claim caused by game of leapfrog

Belfast’s Lord Mayor ended up causing the country’s personal injury solicitors to fall over each other at a recent food festival, where he attempted to play leapfrog with a colleague and collapsed on her instead, wounding her quite seriously.

Have we seen the end of the UK’s compensation culture?

Last Friday, David Cameron announced the government will tackle the ‘compensation culture’ in the UK by shaking up health and safety measures and putting an end to unnecessary bureaucracy.

Former personal injury solicitors rebrand their firm

Goodmans Law, leading personal injury and medical negligence solicitors, recently announced their completion of a rebranding procedure in order to complete transitioning to a law firm that specialises in medical negligence and personal injury claims.

Solicitor wins libel charges based on website claim

A personal injury solicitor has recently won a libel lawsuit int he wake of untrue and malicious accusations regarding her were recently posted on an anti-solicitor website.