Live in Lincolnshire? Hope you have a good injury lawyer

If there’s one place in the UK that requires you to have a good personal injury lawyer before living there, it’s undoubtedly got to be Lincolnshire.

Past returns with a vengeance as future looks uncertain

The realm of personal injury claims becomes increasingly difficult to navigate as new regulations loom on the horizon and old injury cases come home to roost.

The gears of justice grind slowly but exceedingly small

If there’s one thing that you know if you work in the personal injury compensation industry, it’s that injury claims can sometimes take forever to resolve.

Industry bodies attempt to ward off criticism with new rules

If there’s any industry that loves to shift blame away from them and on to personal injury solicitors, it’s the insurance market – and they’re at it again.

How will the courts cope with more litigants-in-person?

The UK’s civil courts are likely to be inundated with people fighting their own personal injury compensation cases when the government’s legal aid funding cuts come into force.

Tour operator Thomson must pay personal injury compensation

Thomson, one of the UK’s large tour operators has been ordered to pay personal injury compensation to holidaymakers who suffered illness whilst on a holiday to Spain.

Personal injuries at work cost Welsh police forces £280,000

Over the last 3 years, Welsh police forces have paid out £280,000 in personal injury compensation to employees after personal injury at work claims were made against them.

2010 Personal Injury Awards recognise Des Collins

Congratulations to Des Collins, Senior Partner at Collins Solicitors, who was named “Claimant Personal Injury Lawyer of the Year” at the 2010 Personal Injury Awards. The Awards were held last Thursday evening at the Millennium Hotel, London.